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We are a small congregation who organised a highly successful 'William Byrd Festival' in May 2011 to celebrate the life and work of the village's Elizabethan composer, William Byrd (c.1540 - 1623). In 2012 we played host to the world-famous choir The Cardinall's Musick under their director Andrew Carwood.

This website contains everything you need to know about William Byrd and his links with Stondon Massey. The church is open for services, of course, and on the second Sunday afternoon in the month during the summer.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

'Reverend Edward Henry Lisle Reeve. The Last Gentleman Clergyman of Stondon Massey (Essex)'

A former Rector of Stondon Massey is celebrated with the publication of his biography. Canon Edward Reeve was parish rector for 42 years, succeeding his father in the role. His family moved to the village in 1849 from Dedham. Edward Henry Lisle Reeve was born in 1858, and died at Stondon in 1936. He inhabited an age which has long gone, and he is truly the last gentleman clergyman of his era. Lisle, as he was known only to his family and close friends, was also a keen local historian. During his years as parish priest he did much to promote the image of William Byrd. It was through Reeve’s connections that the Byrd Tercentenary Memorial Tablet was erected on the south wall of the church in 1924. Richard Turbet, our guest speaker at the William Byrd Festival (7 May), describes Reeve as being among “the right people in the right place at the right time” and with “no trace of self-aggrandizement he [Reeve] was successful”.

‘Reverend Edward Henry Lisle Reeve. The Last Gentleman Clergyman of Stondon Massey’ is available, price £2.00 (or £3.00 posted to UK address).

For more information on this clergyman visit Blackmore Area Local History, clicking on this link http://blackmorehistory.blogspot.com/search?q=reeve

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